CLE – Fee Review Roundtable & Case Law Update – LIVE WEBCAST

Published on: March 9, 2023

Can fee reviews decide issues beyond amount or timeliness of payment? What issues are more proper for penalty petitions in Workers’ Compensation vs fee reviews? What matters must be brought in fee review only?

Our office is proud to have become a leader in handling workers’ compensation fee reviews, in particular, helping doctors, pharmacies and other providers get paid. Our team of Attorney High and Daniel J. Siegel have handled approximately 800 fee review hearings, and we have been counsel in nine precedential opinions from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, expanding dramatically the protections so vitally needed by those who care for injured workers.

Please join Christa, Jason Hanford and Hearing Officer Derrick Coker for this Philadelphia Bar Association CLE on March 17th to learn more about the fee review process.