I'm no expert, but to me a leader is someone who leads by example - and who builds support by demonstrating to others the value of his or her actions. A leader builds by creating a coalition, and by embracing others. Sadly, many of today's leaders believe that they only…

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Wolf Block – RIP

When I was in law school, Wolf Block (whose name was longer then) was the law firm to join if you wanted to be in a big firm. My parents even mentioned that to me a few times, although big firm life was not my style. And the firm's history…

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Greetings from Dan Siegel – Please Join in the Blog

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Law Blog, a service of the Havertown Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel. The Pennsylvania Law Blog is designed to spur debate about issues confronting Pennsylvania legal practitioners, including case law, trends in the law, new or revised rules, ethics and professionalism. Please feel free to…

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