Law Firm Breakups, Closings, and Sales of Practices

Law firms can be like marriages. Despite the best intentions, they can end with a breakup. For lawyers, firm breakups can mean concerns and disputes about everything from whose clients are whose to fees to every other aspect of the firm. Attorney Daniel J. Siegel understands the situation and assists lawyers and firms that are going their separate ways, helping them navigate the situation.

Dan also provides similar services for firms that are closing or are being sold, whether it is the entire firm or just one practice area. As the author of both editions of Changing Law Firms: Ethical Guidance for Pennsylvania Law Firms and Attorneysand Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Committee on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Dan will guide you through the issues, including those arising under the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct, include Rule 1.17 governing the sale of practices.

Dan understands how stressful these circumstances can be. He handles these matters in a discreet way, helping his clients deal with their current concerns and preparing them for the future. Whether the matter involves an individual lawyer or a large firm, Dan has handled the situation, generally avoiding the rancor and publicity that can accompany these breakups.

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