Estate Planning

We don’t want the pressure of fees to prevent you from planning for the future. With our “Pay Once, Revise for Life Estate Planning Program” and comprehensive interview process, we try to take some of the stress away. We understand that these are often emotional decisions so we work with you and your advisors (accountants, brokers, etc.) to ensure that your estate will be properly structured.

Key Estate Planning Documents

We focus on drafting important estate planning documents that meet you and your family’s needs, including:

Will: outlines who receives your property (bank accounts, real estate, and everything else you own).

Advanced Health Care Directive (“Living Will”): specifies who makes health-related decisions when you are unable to do so and also advises medical caregivers about what treatments you want and don’t want when you are at the end of life and cannot explain your wishes to others.

Power of Attorney: allows persons you designate to handle your personal and financial affairs when you cannot.

Healthcare Power of Attorney: allows persons you designate to handle your medical affairs when you cannot.

Agreements for Non-Traditional Families: includes Hospital Visitation forms and an Authorization that permits a non-related loved one to handle your remains.

Have You Designated a Digital Executor to Handle Your Life Online?

Ever wonder what will happen to your online accounts after you pass? We are one of the few estate planning law firms that consider and advise clients on the disposition of their digital assets. We address whether you need a Digital Executor – a person who understands and can assure that all of your electronic information is finalized. In other words, this person is in charge of deciding how all of your electronic and online property and information will be handled–from your Amazon account to social media profiles.

Our “Pay Once, Revise for Life Estate Planning Program”

With our “Pay Once, Revise for Life Estate Planning Program,” you only pay a fee once – when you initially draft and sign your estate planning documents. We never charge for revisions, so you can feel comfortable calling us to make changes at any time, and know that the meter won’t be running.

Call our office at (610) 446-3457, send an email, or fill out the form below, and we will respond promptly. We look forward to working with you and ensuring that your estate is structured exactly how you want.