Services for Attorneys

We are proud that so many lawyers and law firms rely on our office for various legal services, knowing that we are familiar with and can handle their matters efficiently and discreetly. That is why more than half of our firm’s clients are attorneys, including many Super Lawyers, who regularly consult with us about complex legal matters, who hire to be a “silent second chair,” who rely on us to prepare legal pleadings, motions, and briefs, who retain us to provide ethical guidance as well as representation in attorney disciplinary matters. Like our “public” clients, we provide the same level of personal attention and detail to these services. Dan provides ethical and professional guidance, legal writing, disciplinary, and other lawyer-focused services to attorneys throughout Pennsylvania, regardless of where his attorney clients are located. You can work with Dan from the comfort of your home or office thanks to his use of videoconferencing and other tools.

Legal Writing Services

Writing briefs, motions, and other documents is an art, and how you focus your efforts can be the difference between winning and losing, whether it is a Motion for Summary Judgment or an appeals court brief.

Our office regularly represents and assists other attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey because they recognize that we can help them get better results. Just consider our track record of precedent-setting cases. In addition, we regularly defeat summary judgments and win the overwhelming majority of summary judgment motions filed against our clients. We also prepare briefs, answer pleadings and motions, and help other law firms prepare them for trial.

Ethics and Professional Guidance

Ethical questions arise all the time, and when they do, lawyers and law firms turn to Attorney Daniel J. Siegel for guidance. Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Committee on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, and active in similar committees in many bar associations, Dan is a nationally known figure in the ethics world. More importantly, he understands the practical issues attorneys face and provides direct answers to questions in a calming manner. That is why he has become a go-to lawyer for other attorneys who need guidance with ethical matters.

Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board Representation

There are few things more disconcerting to attorneys than hearing from or being involved in proceedings before the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in which attorneys can be subject to a wide range of discipline, ranging from private admonitions to public admonitions to license suspensions to disbarment. When these matters arise, lawyers turn to Attorney Daniel J. Siegel, who understands the Pennsylvania Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement and the procedures used in the disciplinary process and can guide you through the process. In addition, because many legal malpractice insurance policies permit lawyers to specify whom they want to represent them, attorneys often designate Dan Siegel as their counsel.

IOLTA & Trust Account Disciplinary and Related Matters

More lawyers are publicly disciplined because of matters involving the mishandling of or other improprieties with their IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts)/trust accounts. Attorney Daniel J. Siegel helps lawyers not only after issues arise, but also before, helping them create proper procedures, and correcting any errors before they reach the disciplinary stage. When those matters do further, Dan can assist and help prepare the best defense, including the use of experts and others.

General Counsel & On-Call Ethical Counsel Services

Large law firms can employ full-time general counsel to guide them through ethical dilemmas, provide professional guidance, and take proactive steps to avoid the disciplinary process. For firms that do not have those resources, Attorney Daniel J. Siegel provides general counsel and on-call counsel services. Clients know that they can call  Dan and get a quick response that addresses their concerns, and at a reasonable cost.

Techno-Ethical Guidance

Lawyers did not graduate from law school as technology or cybersecurity experts. But nowadays, technology is a benefit and a danger for every attorney. Whether it is operating a law firm or protecting a law firm from the ever-changing dangers of the cyber world, Attorney Daniel J. Siegel is a pioneer in the area of techno-ethics and provides techno-ethical guidance to clients through his law firm and, when appropriate, through his consulting firm, Integrated Technology Services, LLC.

Attorneys Leaving Firms or Firms That Must Part Ways With Lawyers

Whether it is a lawyer leaving a law firm or a firm deciding that it is time to make a personnel decision, many issues arise.  Attorney Daniel J. Siegel wrote the book twice – Changing Law Firms – Ethical Guidance for Pennsylvania Law Firms and Attorneys – and provides guidance to firms and attorneys about how to handle departures civilly and in compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct. That is why so many attorneys, from solos to large firm partners, consult with attorney Dan Siegel.

Law Firm Breakups, Closings & Sales of Practices

When partners decide to separate, whether amicably or because disputes have arisen that lead to a law firm breakup, dissolution, closing, or sale, Attorney Daniel J. Siegel has provided legal services for firms (as a group with proper conflicts waivers) and for individual lawyers, helping them transition to the next phases of their professional lives. Dan understands the situations, can provide guidance on all aspects of them, and draft appropriate documents to protect his clients as events unfold.

Succession Planning for Attorneys

When lawyers decide to reduce the amount of time they devote to their practices, there are many aspects to their decisions. At times, however, the decisions arise because of unexpected events such as health or family issues. All too often lawyers ignore the need for succession planning. Regardless, planning for the next phase of practice is an important step, and there are many aspects to it. When those moments occur, Attorney Daniel J. Siegel has the expertise to assist, assuring that the transition proceeds smoothly and consistently with the rules of ethics.

Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners Guidance & Representation

Applying for admission to the Pennsylvania bar requires lawyers-to-be to work with the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners, in particular the “character and fitness” aspects of their applications. At times, however, attorneys who seek to waive into Pennsylvania for admission to the bar can also have concerns, such as whether they have been in practice for a sufficient time in their jurisdiction or whether they meet other requirements for admission. Regardless of the issue, Attorney Daniel J. Siegel can provide guidance to help the process move smoothly and quickly.

If you require an ethics advisory opinion or representation in an ethical or disciplinary matter, contact Dan Siegel at (610) 446-3457, fill out the form below, or click here to send an e-mail and we will respond quickly.