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Clients know that when they need a lawyer, they don’t have to go to Philadelphia to hire a Philadelphia lawyer. Havertown lawyer Daniel J. Siegel has been a strong and unwavering advocate for his clients, and is known for zealously representing his clients in workers’ compensation and other matters in Philadelphia County (where he practiced for approximately 25 years), Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County, and throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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Successes & News

Firm News

Online & Remote Notary Services Now Available 

Changing the Game Yet Again: Commonwealth Court Requires Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to Revise Procedures 

A Huge Victory Against Insurance Goliath, Court Dismisses Meritless Claims Against Doctors & Pharmacies

Recent Successes

Other law firms follow the leaders; we are the leaders. For example, in 2018, Attorney Dan Siegel was counsel in multiple appeals that protected or extended the rights of injured workers and persons injured in car crashes. Over the past decade, Attorney Dan Siegel has been counsel in workers’ compensation cases that have assured or increased the benefits of more injured workers in Pennsylvania than any attorney. Call (610) 446-3457 to speak with an attorney who can help you.

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What the people say

It’s wonderful to hear that litigating a long and difficult case ends in a well-deserved victory for the little guys and their amazing lawyers against the insurance megaliths.

-Another Victory for the Little Guys

The credit properly goes to you as counsel for appellees for developing in-depth arguments about the controlling statutes and regulations, the College’s voluntary undertaking to provide certified athletic trainers and the ample evidence of its recklessness and grossly negligent violation of that undertaking.

-One Attorney’s Comments About Dan Siegel’s Pa. Supreme Court Victory in Feleccia

“Dan has been my go-to resource for all of the little, and big, things that keep a Managing Partner up at night, including substantive and technological ethics questions.  He is responsive, careful, and considerate.”


-Managing Partner, Philadelphia-Area Mid-Sized Transactional & Litigation Law Firm

Thanks for all you do to help me with my practice and make my life less stressful! ….you have no idea! You are my go-to for all research and writing and I want you to know how appreciative I am!

-J.F. (Attorney)

Congratulations on your honor as “Best of the Bar.” From my personal experience, I believe no one is more deserving. 



Dan, I wanted to let you know that we settled this case today. Very happy because six weeks ago the defense attorney advised us that it was a “slam-dunk” that they would win the case on the legal issue. Great job [on the Motion you drafted that changed everything] as always.


-An Attorney Who Uses Our Legal Writing Services

I would like to thank Dan Siegel and his law firm for an excellent result in a legal matter they handled for me.  Their hard work, combined with legal expertise, carried the day to a successful conclusion.


-Attorney Whose Disciplinary Complaint Was Dismissed

Dan has more feathers in his hat than Sitting Bull, all well-deserved.  Do NOT torture yourself writing a brief or responding to a motion, especially in a case (most cases?) where you are too “close” to the record to objectively assess what are the important issues you can win with vs. other “really interesting” issues, or worse still, continuing a fight with a defense attorney you really detest.

Let Dan handle it, then go home, watch the Phillies and relax. I’m sure your only regret will be that you did not use Dan on prior matters.  


-A.M. (Attorney)

[Dan] did a brief on a case for me too. Very good investment!

-L.F. (Attorney)

In case anyone didn’t notice, Dan Siegel has several feathers in his cap with making law with the Supreme Court over the past 12 months! He does  your WC briefs too, if you’re like me and can’t stand doing  proposed findings.

-K.K. (Attorney)

That brief looks not just fine but great. [From an attorney client]


Thanks very much and you did a great job!!


Thank you for your courteous, professional and efficient representation for me regarding this case. I have received my settlement check, which honestly, was a BLESSING. Once again thank you, and I would recommend you without a thought.


Thanks for all you did for me for 17 years!


I wish the Phillies would come through like you did. Thanks!


Thank you, for all your help over a very long period. I know I wasn’t easy to work with. I know this. So when I come across nice people who understand that and continually be pleasant and kind, I become very grateful and attached. So thank you, guys… truly.


Thank you for keeping me up to date on all that you are doing. I knew when we first met that you were the best! I don’t know if I ever thanked you enough for your expert handling of my workman’s comp case. If not, THANK YOU!


I knew of Dan as a local attorney, who devoted considerable time to our community as an elected official. Frankly, I never imagined myself as someone who would have a life-threatening personal injury. But when I was in that situation, I was comfortable approaching Dan with an inquiry about whether there was any legal recourse for what happened to me. He was quick to respond to my inquiry, to learn the pertinent details of my situation, research and render his informed opinion, and take my case. I found Dan and his staff to be the consummate professionals–pleasant and professional. They were committed to my case for the duration of what we knew would be a long process with no guarantees. Through Dan’s measured persistence and professionalism, my case was resolved to my satisfaction.


It was a pleasure to work with Dan Siegel and his staff! We found Dan to be very professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and responsive to work with concerning a variety of legal matters we needed help with. His support staff also provided timely follow through to any of our concerns. I would highly recommend Dan & his office for any legal issues!


Mr. Siegel handled my case like a true professional from start to finish. He spent considerable time explaining the details of my case and all of my options. He advised me for nearly two years with no compensation before I made the decision to seek a settlement. Each time I called with questions, I received a call back from him personally very promptly, usually the same day. He took sufficient time to make sure I fully understood all aspects of my case. I would highly recommend his services to anyone with a workers’ compensation claim.


December 3rd of 2014 I was struck and run over by a car while working. After finding out I didn’t have Workmans Compensation I immediately contacted Dan. He and his team immediately went to work on my case and continue to do so till this day. If you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further! They are always willing to help no matter what!


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