You Can Settle Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Compromise & Release Agreements

Employers and injured workers regularly settle all or a portion of their workers’ compensation claims. In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation lump sum settlements are called “Compromises and Releases” or “C&Rs.” In many cases, a Compromise and Release/C&R is an excellent way to resolve disputed issues or to provide an injured worker with the money needed to move on from the work injuries. If the injuries are serious enough, a Compromise and Release/C&R can provide guaranteed income for life or other means of protecting the future of the injured employee.

That does not mean you should always settle your case. At times, there are good reasons to settle, while at others, it may be better to wait. The important thing is to hire an attorney who has been settling cases for over 30 years, knows how to settle cases, has a track record of obtaining excellent settlements, and explains the process to clients.

Consult with us before you settle

When you are considering settling your Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim, remember that Attorney Dan Siegel only represents injured workers and does everything possible to assure that every client receives the largest settlement possible.

In addition, you generally should not settle your case without having a lawyer represent you to make sure the settlement is fair and reasonable — because once the settlement is approved by a Workers’ Compensation Judge, your claim (or the portion you settled) is over, and it is very, very difficult to reopen a settled case.

All workers’ compensation matters are handled on a contingent fee basis, which means that you never pay a fee unless we get you benefits or successfully prevent your employer from stopping your benefits. Give our office a call at (610) 446-3457, send an email, or fill out the form below.