Need a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Hire the Firm Nearly 100 Other WC Firms Hire

Published on: April 24, 2023

Read a law firm’s website, and they will convince you they are the best Pennsylvania workers’ compensation firm, or the best at whatever area of law they practice. That’s called advertising. But there is no way to know who is the best workers’ compensation lawyer or which firm is the best. Certainly, firms spend millions of dollars telling everyone they are the best, and many of these firms include fine lawyers who will do a great job representing injured workers.

A better question might be, “What law firm do Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers hire when they need assistance with a complex case or an appeal or with some out-of-the-ordinary legal issue?” The answer to that question is the Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel, LLC, where we can say that nearly 100 different workers’ compensation law firms have hired our firm to prepare their Briefs (the ones they need to win cases in front of Workers’ Compensation Judges), or to provide legal advice and analysis on complex issues they aren’t familiar with, or to handle an appeal to the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court or Pennsylvania Supreme Court. That’s right, we are the firm workers’ compensation lawyers hire when they need to hire an attorney.

It is easy to help injured workers who have run-of-the-mill cases with clear cut injuries. We are proud to have handled countless “regular” cases, but it is the complex ones, the ones that create new law, and the ones where the legal issues are from ordinary where we are the choice – of nearly 100 law firms. They hire us, that’s right, they pay our firm to be their lawyer.

That’s why you should too.

Otherwise, you might get bad advice. One firm just wrote a blog on March 8, 2023 with wrong information. That’s right, they provided wrong advice to every injured worker, saying that “In Pennsylvania, the 90-day rule states that injured workers must initially see “panel physicians”—a list of pre-approved doctors posted by the employer—within 90 days of their workplace injury to receive compensation.” This statement isn’t true. That’s why so many people visit our webpage, “The Myth of the 90 Day Rule,” because that page provides the accurate answer. It’s not a blog page designed to impress you, it contains the relevant law and regulations in Pennsylvania.

Law firms can say they are the best workers’ compensation lawyers, and there are many excellent lawyers who can help injured workers, and others who take every case that comes in the door and runs every case through a mill. We provide personalized client-focused legal representation for our clients. But unlike most other Pennsylvania law firms, our clients aren’t just injured workers, our clients often include the injured workers’ lawyers.