What Is Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation?

In Pennsylvania, injured workers receive workers’ compensation (“workers’ comp”) benefits, which are paid based upon the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. In exchange for receiving workers’ compensation benefits — which provide for payment of reasonable medical expenses related to the on-the-job injury and wage loss benefits— workers are not permitted to file a lawsuit against their employers (although they may be able to sue other responsible parties), even if the injuries were caused by their employer’s negligence. If a worker is killed on the job, the law pays death benefits to the deceased worker’s dependents.

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act is Complex, But We Can Help You!

The Workers’ Compensation Act is very complex, and there are many decisions of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania that interpret this law. As a result, the law is more complex than most people would expect, and a relatively limited number of lawyers handle these cases. Most insurance companies pay benefits every other week, although a few pay wage loss benefits weekly. These benefits are not taxable.

Our Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law Information Center provides the answers to your questions about how the workers’ compensation process works.

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