Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law Information Center – Information to Help You Understand Your Claim Under & Your Rights Under the Pa. Workers’ Comp Act From the Lawyers “Who Wrote the Book”

The Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Law Book by Daniel J. Siegel, EsquireThe Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act is lengthy, complex and can often appear very confusing. To try to help injured workers and their families and friends to understand the Pennsylvania workers’ comp law, Philadelphia – Havertown Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dan Siegel has created the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law Information Center to answer many of the questions he has been asked about workman’s comp since Dan began representing injured workers more than 37 years ago.

To the left are links to pages containing answers to the most common questions posed by injured workers who suffered on-the-job injuries in Pennsylvania.

You name it, this site answers your questions, including:

Because the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act is complex, these answers only are the tip of the iceberg and do not replace the advice and counsel of a lawyer who is familiar with how to handle workers’ comp claims in Pennsylvania.

In the past few years, Philadelphia area workers’ compensation attorney Daniel J. Siegel has handled numerous cases in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Commonwealth Court, and his cases have helped protect the rights of injured workers throughout Pennsylvania.

Lawyers say that Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dan Siegel is “The Lawyer Other Lawyers Call for Advice” because he also assists other attorneys with their clients’ workman’s comp claims – writing their briefs, handling their appeals, and offering strategic advice. they also accepts referrals from other attorneys and pays referral fees.

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