Lawyers Leaving Law Firms

Whether you are a lawyer leaving a law firm or a firm with one or more lawyers leaving the firm, Attorney Daniel J. Siegel understands the situation. Dan wrote the book. Dan is the author of both editions of Changing Law Firms: Ethical Guidance for Pennsylvania Law Firms and Attorneys, and understands how stressful these situations can be. Dan handles these matters in a discreet way, assisting his clients to deal with their current concerns and prepare for the future. Whether the matter involves an individual lawyer or a large firm, Dan has handled the situations, generally avoiding the rancor and publicity that can accompany these situations. Dan also recognizes that fee disputes are often at the heart of these matters and offers innovative and ethical ways to assist attorneys and firms.

Attorney Daniel J. Siegel also recognizes that the concerns of each lawyer or firm vary, but that every situation involves potential ethical questions under the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct. He also knows that some circumstances require quick action, and is able to focus on clients in those emergent situations. Alternatively, where the departure is amicable, Dan can assist in drafting the agreements, letters, and other documents to assure the firms and their clients that their matters will survive the transition smoothly.

That is why attorneys and law firms regularly consult with and retain our firm to provide guidance when an attorney is changing or leaving firms and for practical ethical guidance. Give our office a call at (610) 446-3457, click here to send an email, or fill out the form below.