Doctors Are Entitled to Get Paid Too – We Know How to Do It

Are you a medical provider having trouble getting your bills paid in Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claims? Are the insurance companies giving you the run-around?

Our firm represents more medical providers in workers’ compensation matters than virtually any other law firm in Pennsylvania – helping them navigate the workers’ compensation system and helping them get paid. In addition, our cases have expanded the rights of medical providers – preventing insurance companies and unscrupulous attorneys from taking advantage of doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, every healthcare provider has the right to be paid for providing care or medical equipment, medicine, and supplies to injured workers. We not only know the ins and outs of the medical payment system and regulations, we also know how to make it work better for providers. In many cases, once insurance companies learn that we represent a provider, they stop fighting and pay them what they are owed. That’s the best proof there is.

If you are a medical provider that isn’t getting paid what you are entitled to, contact our office. If you would like to speak with Dan Siegel, call (610) 446-3457 or send an email, and Dan will respond promptly.