What Not to Do If You Get Hurt

Don’t sign any papers if you are told you have to sign them in order to receive benefits. That is almost never true, and you should seek an attorney’s advice if your employer or its insurance company says you have to sign a paper to receive benefits.

Don’t sign anything you don’t understand.

Don’t discuss your claim with everyone. You should only discuss your claim with your doctor, your family, your lawyer and, when appropriate, with the workers’ compensation carrier. When in doubt, consult a lawyer for more advice.

If you go back to work, you must notify your employer and/or the workers’ compensation carrier because your benefits will likely stop or be reduced. But don’t just work and collect wage loss benefits without notifying the appropriate parties, because that may be illegal.

Most insurance companies pay benefits every other week, although a few pay wage loss benefits weekly. These benefits are not taxable.

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