OMG – The Martians Are Coming – It’s Time For Judges & Others to Calm Down About Artificial Intelligence

Published on: July 5, 2023

Oh my God, the Martians are invading the legal world. Have you heard? There is this new thing called “Artificial Intelligence,” and lawyers apparently have it do all of their work, including filing court documents. Or so it seems. Talk about AI is everywhere.

At its core, this podcast is a plea for rationality and calmness. At another level, it points out that many lawyers and judges really don’t understand artificial intelligence and are reacting to it in ways that are neither appropriate nor logical. The podcast focuses on an Order from a federal judge ordering every attorney to certify if they have used AI and, if so, to certify further that they have checked every citation in the filing.

Oops. The judge apparently doesn’t know that AI has been around for many years and is used all the time, including by that mysterious website called Google. The judge apparently also doesn’t know that the AI in the news is just a new version of the old AI, akin to Martian 2.0, the old, less intrusive version being AI/Martian 1.0.

Technology changes, and lawyers and judges often fear the changes. But ignoring the innovations will not help. Would anyone be happy if doctors continued to ignore MRIs because they weren’t around a few years ago? Of course not.

Let’s not overreact. Instead, take a few minutes to listen to Attorney Daniel J. Siegel of the Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel, LLC and Integrated Technology Services, LLC. Dan is also Co-Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Technology Committee and is a nationally-known speaker and author on technology, ethics, law practice, and more. Dan offers a  calmer, more rational look at the latest technology to scare the legal profession.