The World Series as an Allegory For Success in the Law, and in Business

Published on: October 31, 2022

When Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker celebrated his team’s victory in game 1 of the 2022 World Series, he did so before the game was over, bragging to the TV announcer how rare it is to joke and laugh during a game. Dusty Baker was convinced his invincible team had won the game. But the last laugh went to the Philadelphia Phillies, who roared back from the 5-0 deficit and won, removing the smile and the happiness from Dusty Baker’s face.

The manager’s shortlived joy is an allegory for life, business, law and how to succeed, topics Havertown attorney Daniel J. Siegel discusses in the latest edition of The Legal Tech Podcast. Attorney Siegel highlights the importance of preparation and of never assuming victory until the last out is recorded, or whatever result you desire occurs. Listen as Dan Siegel explains his philosophy for success, one honed for decades while representing clients in every level of court in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to cases in front of District Justices.

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