Double-Check that Workers’ Compensation Settlement Agreement!

Published on: October 11, 2022

It sounds pretty straightforward that all settlement agreements (not just workers’ compensation agreements) should be carefully reviewed by injured workers and their attorneys to make sure the terms are exactly what the parties agreed. For workers’ compensation claims, the settlement process includes a final hearing to approve the settlement agreement (called a Compromise & Release under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act) to make sure the injured worker agrees to all the settlement terms and that there are no mistakes. This means it is particularly important to make sure those terms are correct because if you later say there was a mistake, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to prove.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened in a recent case involving an injured worker who argued that the formula to calculate his payment in the Compromise & Release Agreement had a mistake and did not capture the intent of the parties. The Employer argued there was no mistake, and that the injured worker had testified at the final hearing that he understood the effect of all the terms in the agreement. The Commonwealth Court found there was no evidence of a mistake, and the Compromise & Release remained in place.

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