Trump Administration proposes more changes designed to make it harder to obtain and keep receiving Social Security Disability benefits.

Published on: January 23, 2020

Once again, the Trump Administration is proposing changes to the Social Security Disability benefits program that could result in many people losing their SSDI and SSI benefits. Individuals who receive disability benefits are always subject to “continuing disability reviews,” which were originally intended to determine whether they still deserve compensation.

For many years, there have been only three categories of disabilities that were used to determine how frequently an individual is subject to a review. The reviews were infrequent and generally triggered by some change in condition that Social Security learned about.

The Administration is now proposing a fourth category for people for whom it “believes” medical improvement is “likely.” These reviews would occur every two years and would primarily apply to children and Step 5 recipients. Step 5 recipients typically suffer from debilitating medical conditions and cannot work.

The problem is that complying with disability reviews can be difficult, and requiring more frequent reviews appears to just be another attempt to push people out of receiving benefits.

We will monitor these proposed changes and keep you apprised.

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