Will Workers’ Compensation Carriers Cover Medical Marijuana? Maybe.

Published on: June 25, 2021

Injured workers, people hurt in car accidents, and many others, often find themselves in considerable pain. In many cases, that pain does not respond to standard medical treatment. Or, they simply want an alternative to addictive opioids. For these people, alternative types of medical care are important, and at times essential. Yet it can be a challenge to obtain these types of treatment, requiring attorneys to fight for their right to manage their pain.

In 2016, Pennsylvania adopted the Medical Marijuana Act that allows physicians to prescribe marijuana for certain medical conditions. Yet, some insurance companies still refuse to provide coverage for medical marijuana even though they also do not want to pay for opioids – leaving the injured workers with no way to address their debilitating pain.

But this may be changing. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act requires insurance companies to pay for reasonable and necessary medical treatment. It seems logical that insurance companies should provide coverage where medical marijuana meets these requirements. Workers’ Compensation Judges are beginning to order payment for medical marijuana treatment. Recently, a Workers’ Compensation Judge ordered an insurer to provide coverage for medical marijuana treatments for an injured worker who did not want to take narcotics but had intense nerve pain. This gives hope to Claimants who could benefit from medical marijuana.

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